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Tote Tank Carriers

Tanks-A-Lot Galvanized Steel Tote Tank Carriers for handling and protecting Stainless Steel Intermediate Bulk Containers while in transit. TTC's offer a compliant lifting package where IBC's physically cannot meet Operator offshore lifting standards. Equipment is tested and inspected at regular intervals. Enclosed skid design to minimize dropped objects.

Single Tote Tank Carrier (Also Available With Gate)

Tote Tank Carrier (In Service) - Tanks-A-Lot, Deepwater Container Specialists
  • "Engineered, designed, and built with the environment and safety in mind."
  • Tare Wt.: 1,450#; WLL: 9,000#; MGW: 10,450#
  • FOOTPRINT: 4'7" x 4'2" x 6'11" HIGH


4 Pack Tote Rack

Tote Tank Carrier - Tanks-A-Lot, Deepwater Container Specialists
  • Tare Wt.: 4,200#
  • WLL: 19,000#
  • MGW: 44,000#
  • Dimensions: 9'3" x 8'4" x 7'11"
  • 4 Totes/2 Diagonally
  • 50 BBL Equivalent
  • Cut down on lifts offshore
  • Protects totes from damage


Tote Tamer

Tote Tamer - Tanks-A-Lot, Deepwater Container Specialists
  • US Patent # 6,764,269 B1
  • Prevent material handling spills with an economical forklift attachment


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